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_ Double Wall Octangular - 1 piece
_ Description (drawing): This box consists of 1 piece (bottom is attached to the
_ body.) The bottom interlocks for a tight fit. This is the most economical box.
_ *Approximate Dimensions: 46" x 38" x 41"
_ Quantities:Truckload Quantities are Normally 1,000-1,400 boxes
_ per load for the most economical price. NO Single Pallet orders.
_ Looking at Interlocking Bottom. We appologize for the poor quality of picture.
_ This view is looking down into the formed box towards the bottom. You are able to see
_ two of the four interlocking flaps that form the bottom.

_ Triple Wall Octangular - 2 piece (Click for pictures.)
_ Description: This box consists of 2 pieces. (1) The shell,or body
_ of the box. The bottom of the shell has a flange of approximately 5" that folds in.
_ Then, a 1 ply bottom is pushed to the bottom of the box from the top opening. Once
_ in position, forms a secure and tight seal.
_ *Approximate Dimensions - INQUIRE
_ Quantities: Truckload Quantities are Normally 600 boxes
_ per load for the most economical price.

_ * All Sizes are Approximate and General Depending on Availability.
_ . All Boxes are recommended to be used in conjunction with a pallet.
_ . Remember...These are USED boxes. Be specific when ordering. Many times
_ in order to obtain truckload quantities, the dimensions of the boxes
_ may vary as it will take several different manufacturers in order
_ to meet truckload quantities. This is typical and is inmaterial to most of our
_ clients.

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