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_ Tier Sheets are used to place between Product and Pallet to prevent the product from
_ sliding thru the spaces and /or off the pallet and for added protection. Tier Sheets are
_ also used between layers of the product(ie,seperate cans or bottles) to offer more
_ stability and protection.
_ . Remember...These are USED Tier Sheets.
_ Be specific when ordering.
_ Example - Do indentations on the product REALLY effect what YOU want to
_ accomplish?

_ HEAVY PULP Chipboard
_ Description: 1/4" thick, weighs 5#,
_ *Approximate Dimensions - 44"x56"
_ Quantities: Truckload Quantities are: Inquire
_ per load for the most economical price.
_ Price: Varies on Market. At the present $110.00 / Ton.

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_ Tier Sheets,Gaylord Boxes,Packing Tape,Used SuperSaks


_ Used Gaylord Boxes

_ Packing Tape

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