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Why Freight Coordination ???
Give us your problems....That's our business.
We make a difference ! Let me explain why.

If you are a small business without a Traffic Manager, and Traffic is a low priority....You ARE losing profit. You don't have the time to search the best rates, review freight invoices, plan ahead on carrier strikes, negotiate damaged goods, coordinate multiple shipments, determine head load rates vs. T/L and LTL rates, consider 28' trailer vs a 53' when all you thought of were 48'?? Our Services will provide you that with the..........

  • Confidence that you are receiving the best price.
  • Confidence that you're not losing money because of incorrect rate classifications and tariffs.
  • Confidence that you're using a qualified carrier.
  • Confidence that the bills of lading are properly documented.
  • Confidence that the product will get to your customer on time.
  • Confidence if there is a problem, you can leave it to your Freight Coordinator.

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