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* All Sizes are Approximate and General Depending on Availability.
. All Boxes are recommended to be used in conjunction with a pallet.
. Remember...These are USED boxes. Be specific when ordering. Many times
in order to obtain truckload quantities, the dimensions of the boxes
may vary as it will take several different manufacturers in order
to meet truckload quantities. This is typical and is immaterial to most of our

Triple Wall Rectangular (Click for pictures.)
Description: Standard Gaylord Resin Box. The most popular
and "In Demand".
*Approximate Dimensions - Examples: 46" x 40" x 38",
42" x 36" x 37", etc.
Quantities:Truckload Quantities are Normally 500-560 boxes
per load for the most economical price. Single Pallet orders are
accepted when it is to your advantage.

Triple Wall Octangular - 2 piece (Click for pictures.)
Description: This box consists of 2 pieces. (1) The shell,or body
of the box. The bottom has a flange of approximately 5" that folds in.
Then, a 1 ply bottom is pushed to the bottom of the box from the top.
*Approximate Dimensions - INQUIRE
Quantities: Truckload Quantities are Normally 600 boxes
per load for the most economical price.

Triple Wall Rectangular with Top Flaps (Click for pictures.)
Description: This box has both tops and bottom flaps. Great when tops
are required as the top flaps will serve the purpose.
Available only in certain Areas.
*Approximate Dimensions - INQUIRE
Quantities:Truckload Quantities are Normally 300-350 boxes
per load for the most economical price. NO Single Pallet orders.

Double Wall Octangular - 1 piece (Click for pictures and drawings.)
Description: This box consists of 1 piece (bottom is attached to the
body.) The bottom interlocks for a tight fit. This is the most economical box.
*Approximate Dimensions: 46" x 38" x 41"
Quantities:Truckload Quantities are Normally 1,000-1,400 boxes
per load for the most economical price. NO Single Pallet orders.

The above Listed Boxes are our most popular. We can also supply
Single and double wall rectangular and single wall octagonal in
certain areas,and/or when available. If you don't see what you
want, give us a call. We'll see what we can do.

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